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A look at the Ravens defensive line depth

The Ravens have spent a great amount of resources on the defensive line. What will that look like and who will be at risk?

Larry French

Defensive Tackle: Haloti Ngata, Brandon Williams, Timmy Jernigan, Terrence Cody.

Notes: Ngata's job is safe this year. Williams and Jernigan have guaranteed roster spots as well. They will compete to for the starting role that was opened when Arthur Jones signed with the Colts in free Agency. The depth at the position allows the Ravens to have a rotation to keep Ngata fresh for the later part of the season. Cody is definitely on the bubble here and needs to have either an explosive camp or an injury to another tackle to stay employed.

Defensive End: Chris Canty, DeAngelo Tyson, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Brent Urban

Notes: Canty's name has come up frequently when discussing jobs that aren't guaranteed, but he has the most experience out of any of the defensive ends and he earned a contractual bonus a couple months ago. He's safe in my book. DeAngelo Tyson is the next most experienced here and he hasn't been the subject of much conversation to win the starting role, but he has been making a case for a starting job. Lewis-Moore and Urban are safe.

I don't have any undrafted free agents on here and for good reason. The depth on the defensive line should make it near impossible for any undrafted free agents to get a job on the 53 man roster.

The youth on the Ravens defensive line should be the start of a new generation of Ravens defenders that causes trouble for passers and stuffs rushers.