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Expectations for the Ravens offense in 2014

We know that the Ravens will field a quality defense and special teams unit. Here's what to expect from the offense in 2014.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive line

Sacks allowed: 35.

There aren't many measurable statistics for an offensive line but this is the most important one and possibly the most important offensive statistic of all. A line that features Eugene Monroe with a year of experience, a fully healthy Marshal Yanda, a veteran center in Jeremy Zuttah, and the return of Kelechi Osemele should keep Joe Flacco safe. It's all up to Ricky Wagner to secure the job of Right Tackle.

Passing & Receiving

Joe Flacco: 4,200 Yards, 27 touchdowns, seven interceptions

This year, Flacco finally gets 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns and then some. With the most talented receiving group in Ravens history, Flacco should finally pass those marks. Will it get him to the Pro Bowl? No. Flacco's numbers aren't going to get him in over Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck. Besides, Flacco should be unable to play in the Pro Bowl even if he gets the invite.

Torrey Smith: 65 Receptions, 1,100 yards, six touchdowns

Smith was less than 100 yards away from breaking the Ravens all-time single season receiving record in a dysfunctional offense. Now in an offense with plenty of options and a functional running game he won't do that, but he should still break 1,000 yards and score more touchdowns than he did in 2013.

Dennis Pitta: 70 Receptions, 800 yards, eight touchdowns

Before last camp's hip injury, Pitta was expected to have a big year as one of Flacco's primary targets. This year, he will in Kubiak's offense which heavily features the tight end. He should be especially useful in the red zone, as I predict that he will lead the team in receiving scores.

Steve Smith: 65 Receptions, 750 yards, four touchdowns

Steve Smith already has an established chemistry with Flacco. He should be an important part of the offense and a reliable target for Flacco on third downs or when blitzed.

Owen Daniels: 40 Receptions, 400 yards, four touchdowns

Daniels won't get as much attention as the Smiths and Pitta, but he'll still convert third downs and be useful in the redzone.

Marlon Brown: 40 Receptions, 400 yards, four touchdowns

Brown will see a decrease in yards and touchdowns, as the Ravens will have more targets to throw at this year. However he should emerge as a reliable No. 3 receiver.

Jacoby Jones: 22 Receptions, 220 Yards, one touchdown

Jones will be featured less prominently in the offense this year, but he should still be good for a long touchdown reception. Most of his impact will be on special teams this year.

Ray Rice: 15 Receptions, 200 yards

Ray will have a decreased number of receptions, as he will be suspended for part of the season.

Crockett Gillmore: 10 receptions, 75 yards, 1 touchdown

Gillmore will be used more as a blocking Tight End, but he should still get some receptions and a redzone score.

Justin Forsett: seven receptions, 75 Yards

Forsett will get some of the receptions that Ray normally would if he weren't suspended.

Kyle Juszczyk: Four receptions, 60 yards

Juszczyk will play a different role in the offense than Vonta Leach did, but he'll still be far down the list of passing options.

Michael Campanaro: 8 receptions, 45 yards

Campanaro won't see much time as a receiver this year as he's #5 on the depth chart, maybe he'll get more next year and possibly be a starter.


Ray Rice: 12 Games Played, 1,140 yards, six touchdowns

Rice should get back to his old self after recovering from injury, losing weight, serving his suspension, and the addition of Gary Kubiak's new O-Line. A caveat though: If Rice looks sluggish or one of the other backs runs away with the job (no pun intended) this could be the stat line for a different RB.

Bernard Pierce: 660 yards, four touchdowns

Pierce should perform nicely during Rice's absence, and then go back to being the No. 2 back in the offense after Ray's suspension.

Justin Forsett: 175 yards, one touchdown

Forsett will be the No. 2 back behind Pierce during Rice's absence and could be the No. 3 back, or even cut when Rice returns. Lorenzo Taliaferro could also impress in camp and preseason and put him out of a job in general.

Lorenzo Taliaferro: 70 Yards, three touchdowns

Taliaferro will be used as a third down/goal line back here. He won't have a hefty stat line.

Overall Rank: 14th in the NFL

An improved offense mixed with a defense that should be back to the Ravens old standard should put the Ravens back in the playoffs where they belong.