Flacco and Brady on short list of QBs to start every game since 2009


Quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Tom Brady are on a short list of QBs to start every game since 2009. Mark that down even further.

Part of Troy Vincent's letter to Tom Brady


Who said that the CFL wasn't tough (NSFW)


Football is tough business. Don't let anyone tell you different. Fighting over something that happened 50 years ago.

Quarterback Joe Flacco's brother is in Jets rookie minicamp


Brian Costello reports that Mike Flacco, Joe Flacco's brother is currently in the Jets' rookie camp as a tryout. He spent some time with the San Deigo Chargers before being cut and then signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. They cut him from the team's practice squad back in November. Flacco ended his baseball career last April and was placed on the voluntarily retired list by the Boston Red Sox. He was originally a member of the Baltimore Orioles, being drafted in the 31st round in 2009, the Orioles traded him to Boston in 2013.

Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco imagined as a fruit

1 did a nice big post about some of the more notable NFL players if they were imagined as fruit.

Patriot fans are still touchy about DeflateGate


They cheated, got caught and Patriot fans are still touchy about the subject.