2009 playbook is by far the thickest from coach Al Saunders' library


You might remember Al Saunders as being an offensive consultant with the Ravens from 2009-2010. As a long-time coach and offensive guru, the Ravens were able to put together an offense that did well despite not being the most talented in the league.

East Kent Mavericks appeal for help as helmets snatched in overnight burglary


Gur Samuel of SB Nation's very own Bucs Nation is requesting a little help from everyone at SB Nation. As a coach for the Mavericks, Gur has a direct reason for wanting to see these helmets returned or recovered. Heading into the biggest game of the team's history, these helmets are of vital importance. Please help Gur and the Mavericks as much as you can by sharing this out to everyone you know. You can also send a little cash their way to re-buy these helmets.

Ravens alternate uniform design

QuantumGraphics took a look and designed a brand new Ravens uniform. Including the dark purple and black in the jersey while doing a fade from purple into black on the pants and shoes. The addition of the Ravens logo into the undershirt is a great touch and really makes the while thing unique and flashy.

John Harbaugh relaxes at Luke Bryan concert


Maxx Williams is rocking the leather helmet


Ravens second round pick and tight end Maxx Williams is at the Pro Football Hall of Fame today, enjoying some of the stuff on display. He kinda looks like an old school fighter pilot with that helmet, but it looks good.

Tucker having fun getting his picture taken




Only 89 days remain until the start of football!