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Baltimore Ravens Question of the Day

Open Thread: What was the first sports moment that made you cry?

Which moment in sports history had you crying with joy or pain?

Open Thread: Which Eric DeCosta draft picks won’t make the 53-man roster?

The Ravens will have a tough time keeping every draft pick they still have from the beginning of GM Eric DeCosta’s tenure. Who is most at risk?

Open Thread: Which Raven are you most excited to watch in 2023?

Many players to be excited for, but who are you most looking forward to

Open Thread: Will you attend the Ravens’ training camp?

Tickets for Training Camp released yesterday. Did you snag any?

Open Thread: How do you see the Ravens using Kyle Hamilton in 2023?

With Chuck Clark no longer being a Raven, the Ravens have decisions to make when it comes to Hamilton’s role

Open Thread: What is the best game you’ve been to?

What games have you attended that were most memorable for you?

Open Thread: What Ravens opinion will you never back down from?

Where do you entrench yourselves in a Ravens related argument?

Open Thread: What is your fandom hierarchy?

Are the Ravens tops on your list or are you MLB-first? College sports?