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Browns sign QB Austin Davis

Depth signing behind Manziel?

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Former St. Louis Rams quarterback is heading to the Cleveland Browns after signing officially with the team earlier today.

The back up turned starter last season had some shining moments and dim events. From his 50% completion percentage and 5 sacks against the San Francisco 49ers to turning around and throwing 85.7% against the Seattle Seahawks and 2 TD's.

Last season Austin took quite a beating in his ten games played being thrown to the turf 29 times. Against the Chiefs he was taken down a game high seven times as Kansas City was not wanting a repeat performance after Davis played a great game against Seattle.

Wearing the Browns uniform now I expect Davis to be QB3 on the depth chart. Sitting behind Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel, I won't expect to see Davis playing many reps. I view this more as a signing to fill the 53 man roster more than needing a third quarterback since Cleveland didn't have to cut anybody signing Austin. Maybe the carousel continues though and we see Austin under center before seasons end.