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Vick signs a 1 year deal with Steelers

Michael Vick wearing Black & Yellow next season

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

While I preach away on the Baltimore Beatdown Podcast about signing Michael Vick over Matt Schaub some front office man was clearly tuning in and laid a contract out for him. Clearly this is all my idea and the Ravens are doomed.

Okay, serious talk while I spoke in Vick's favor online there are some clear negatives for him, but from a Steelers perspective they should like the signing.

Steelers Positives:

He is still a veteran with experience winning big time games and adding the threat of Vick to the dominating combo Bell & Brown could be serious work for a defense if it comes to Vick taking snaps in the regular season. His rocket launcher for an arm is also a plus with Antonio Brown & Martavis Bryant able to hit the 9 route effectively.

Vick can play well behind a decent offensive line and the Steelers finally have that, barring more injuries to the the big guys up front.

The mobility of Michael Vick will help them when prepping for Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson as the AFC North will be facing off against the NFC West this season. And I do know that Tyrod Taylor for the Ravens got his fair share of work in when Baltimore faced off against San Francisco in Super Bowl XLVII. Vick will come in handy.

Ravens Positives:

If Baltimore is facing off against Michael Vick and the Steelers instead of Roethlisberger I know for certain there is an injury bug taking down Steel city members. I'm never happy for an injury, rivalry or not; but having to play Vick instead is obviously easier in some aspects.

Vick cannot make complex reads in the NFL. He has relied on his athleticism/talent and by now the transition to complexity will not be happening. He can make good throws but too much pressure on Vick will be his downfall. Now with the Ravens front seven consisting of Suggs, Canty, Williams, Jernigan, and Dumervil the pressure will be apparent. Dean Pees will not hesitate at that point to bring the heat and attack.

Concluding the analysis I doubt we see the mobile terror this season unless iron man Big Ben becomes too injured to finally force himself to the bench. I think this is a good signing for the Steelers, but we will see the contract details and make a final conclusion.