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Andy Dalton Booed.. In Cincy

Dalton hears booes from own fans at MLB All-star softball game

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With the MLB capping off their All-Star events the celebrity softball game follows. This year the event has been held in Cincinnati. Home team quarterback Andy Dalton for the Cincinnati Bengals name was announced and the response was clapping, some cheers, but more than enough boo's to ask the question why?

Obviously you've already answered that. The zero play-off wins with the Bengals has landed him in turmoil with the fans. Most fans love him, as they have won the division as recently as 2013 going 11-5. But some Bengals supporters are angry enough to boo him at a softball game.

A little harsh in my opinion, but I do know if they want to give Dalton away he would be getting big money from the team in the same state. The Browns without a doubt could field a play-off team with Andy Dalton behind center. For years that seems to be one of the only players they cannot find, and trust me, they have looked.

Andy answered the fans boo's with smacking two home runs and as wellspeaking with the Cincinnati Enquirer afterwards about the boo'ing with, "I'm not worried about it. Everybody has got an opinion. It doesn't really matter. It comes with it. Everybody has their opinion here. There's a lot of support and that's all that matters."