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Ravens TE Mark Andrews assists in saving woman's life on flight

Ravens tight end Mark Andrews helped save a woman’s life as mid-flight as he flew home to Arizona

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Andrews is used to being a hero on the football field, but on a flight to Phoenix from Baltimore, he assisted in saving a woman’s life.

According to an observer on the Southwest flight, a medical emergency occurred as a woman and was struggling with blood pressure and needed oxygen. Among the passengers was Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews, a Type-1 Diabetic. He offered to help the doctor and nurse who were also passengers on the flight to use a diabetic testing kit to check her blood sugar.

Eventually, the woman’s heart-rate stabilized and paramedics met the flight after to ensure she would be okay medically while Andrews deboarded and was on his way.

Unsurprisingly, Andrews issued a humble statement via through the Ravens in which he gave the vast majority of the credit to the flight crew and medical professionals who acted quickly more than he did himself for his own heroinic actions.

“In addition to the fast-acting flight attendants, the real heroes are the nurse and doctor who also happened to be on the plane,” Andrews stated. “Thankfully they were able to provide the woman the quick assistance she needed.”

Andrews has used his platform as a prominent professional athlete to promote and bring awareness to the seriousness of diabetes and has been very outspoken about his own journey with it and how it has impacted his life.