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Reacts Results: Ravens fans most concerned about the Browns in the postseason

Their former quarterback on an AFC North rival is the greatest threat, says Ravens fans

Cleveland Browns Practice Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

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Earlier this week, Baltimore Beatdown polled Ravens fans, asking a few questions.

First, as always, we asked the confidence level of the fanbase. Unsurprisingly, it’s a near-unanimous 95%.

But the far more important questions were asked. The big one being about this weeks game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Should the Ravens rest their starters?

It was a yes/no, so there was no “play them for a quarter/half” options. And so, most Ravens fans elected to rest the Ravens starters. The majority being high, at 81%.

Looking ahead, Ravens fans were also asked which team in the playoffs do they feel poses the best chance to beat the Ravens. The team with the highest vote count was an AFC North rival: The Cleveland Browns.

It wasn’t close in the polls, as the Browns were by-far the biggest vote-getter with 46.5% of the total population. Second-most were the Kansas City Chiefs, with 15%, for comparison.

Seeing the physical and talented Browns defense with January Joe isn’t ideal for anybody.