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Ravens biggest 2023 Pro Bowl snubs

3 major snubs from a loaded Ravens squad

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

The 2023 Pro Bowl roster was announced last night. As usual, well-deserving players made the roster, including seven Ravens. Also as usual, there were some questionable decisions and major snubs. Let's go through the Baltimore list.

Kevin Zeitler

Zeitler is a consummate professional, a 12-year veteran who plays as consistent football as it gets at the guard spot. Last year, many thought he was a surefire Pro Bowler. Same the year before in 2021. This year, he was second in AFC voting for guards. And yet, Kevin Zeitler is still not a Pro Bowler.

A guy who’s been one of the best guards in the AFC since coming to Baltimore has been snubbed three times now. He consistently has low pressures given up, ranks highly on PFF and garners numerous fan votes. I’m not sure what else has to happen. For now, the fans of Baltimore know they have a Pro-Bowl level guard helping the offense.

Geno Stone

Geno Stone has been a blessing for this team. When Marcus Williams went down with an injury, Stone stepped up and filled in almost seamlessly. Not only did he fill in, he made splash play after splash play. He currently leads NFL safeties in interceptions and is second overall on the list. He was also second on the list for AFC fan voting for free safety.

He had the stats and the votes. The only thing missing was the name recognition.

Patrick Ricard

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Project Pat has been a Baltimore staple for years and has many Pro Bowls to his name. He is the best fullback in Baltimore’s storied history at the position. A complete unicorn at 300 lbs, capable of blocking defensive linemen while also catching passes and rumbling for 15 yards, there are none like him. Ricard is the best fullback in the league, has been, and deserves to on this roster until otherwise.

Honorable Mentions:

While these guys weren’t what one would call snubbed, they deserve mention for their spectacular play this year. Jadaveon Clowney has had a resurgence and career year in Baltimore and was top 10 in overall voting for defensive end, but there’s simply too much talent in the AFC. Jordan Stout is one of the best young punters in the NFL and ended 6th in votes for the position. Finally Brandon Stephens. It has been a bit of a down year for Marlon Humphrey with injuries, which any other time, would spell disaster for a Ravens defense. But Stephens stepped up as the top corner on this team and nabbed multiple interceptions. He’s shut down multiple star receivers such as Ja’Marr Chase, Calvin Ridley, and others.