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Reacts Results: Ravens fans are ‘very confident’ the Ravens will win vs. Texans

Fans are believing

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

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Earlier this week, Baltimore Beatdown polled Ravens fans on their confidence level as their team heads in to the Divisional round of the 2023 NFL playoffs against the Houston Texans. While some have talked about the ending of 2019 and discussion has circled around how the team is different this time around, the fanbase is confident they’ll get the job done. More than half of all Ravens fans voted they are “very confident” the Ravens will beat the Texans.

Personally, I voted “somewhat confident,” as I’m a bit in the boat of not wanting to be too cocky or mighty in belief. But, it’s my nature to not be a talker before the game is played. I’m more of a “let the game talk” and then, when/if you win, let ‘em know.

It’s good to see the “not confident” group not break a higher margin. It’s also reasonable to not expect every fan to be confident as the Texans are a respectable foe for the Ravens. Nonetheless, Ravens fans have a lot to feel good about and now it’s on the team to prove it.