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Baltimore Beatdown Game Picks: Week 3

The gang continues their season of picks

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Rapidly, we’ve arrived at the weekend of Week 3. Picks are flowing in and the games this week are filled with heavy favorites and lofty underdogs.

Last Week

Another excellent week by Joshua Reed extends his lead as he sits in first place at 23-10.

Narrowly behind are Frank Platko (21-12) and Vasilis Lericos (20-13).

In last, due to a week of missed picks is Kyle Barber, who hopes to climb back into the race. However, an 8-8 performance in Week 2 has him at 50% hits.

Consensus Picks

Baltimore Ravens > Indianapolis Colts

Miami Dolphins > Denver Broncos

New England Patriots > New York Jets

Jacksonville Jaguars > Houston Texans

Green Bay Packers > New Orleans Saints

Buffalo Bills > Washington Commanders

Seattle Seahawks > Carolina Panthers

Kansas City Chiefs > Arizona Cardinals

Philadelphia Eagles > Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lone Wolf Selections

Joshua Reed is double-dipping in the lone wolf picks, taking the Los Angeles Rams over the Bengals and the Raiders to defeat the Steelers.

Frank Platko is taking the Titans over the Cleveland Browns