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Peter King calls WR Zay Flowers ‘the most impressive rookie he has seen through any camp’

The rookie is turning heads at training camp

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens Training Camp Brent Skeen-USA TODAY Sports

First-round rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers has gotten off to an impressive start heading into his first NFL season. The Boston College playmaker has received praise from teammates, coaches, and media members in attendance at training camp, the latest being NBC Sports’ Peter King, who has attended five other NFL camps prior to Baltimore.

“The most impressive rookie I have seen in six camps is Zay Flowers,” King said. “He lines up across from a corner and unless they literally interfere with him or hold him, he has tremendous separation on almost every cut. His quickness, his speed out of cuts is going to be a thing to watch in the NFL this year.”

Flowers’ quickness and ability to cut on a dime have been noted by others, including quarterback Lamar Jackson. When speaking to the media, Jackson revealed Flowers’ new nickname was “Joystick.”

The Athletic’s Jeff Zrebiec also acknowledged how impressive Flowers has been in his camp observations.

“It would be hard to make a better first impression than Flowers has made,” Zrebiec wrote. “In offensive meetings, he peppers coaches and teammates with questions. In the weight room, he looks for ways to do more, not less. And on the field, he’s made an instant connection with Jackson.”

As has our own Kyle Barber.

“To see what Flowers has done over the first few practices has demonstrated nothing but the character we’ve heard about,” Barber wrote. “Putting him in the most competitive environment, one-on-ones and red zone drills, brought forth the energy and him winning just about each rep was a testament to him backing up the spirit with his ability.”

It is too early to make any bold statements about a player who has yet to play in a live NFL game, but all signs are pointing upward for the Ravens’ first-round pick and there is plenty of reason to be excited about Baltimore’s new-look wide receiver corps that includes Flowers, Odell Beckham Jr., and Nelson Agholor to go alongside Rashod Bateman and Devin Duvernay.