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Ravens Strong Second Half Extends Preseason Win Streak

The Baltimore Ravens extend their preseason win streak to 24 games after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

In one of the most befuddling streaks in all of sports, the Baltimore Ravens extended their preseason win streak to 24 games. While media and rival fans debate whether it has meaning, the Ravens and their fans just enjoy it.

It has now been eight years since the Ravens lost a preseason game. It’s now gone so far that for the past two seasons the national media has made it a major talking point.

The game started rough with new quarterback Josh Johnson playing the entire first half and doing little, going 8-for-12 for 45 yards. However, he did connect with wide receiver Devin Duvernay in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown pass. Add a casual 60-yard dead center field goal from Justin Tucker and the Ravens went into halftime down 13-10.

John Harbaugh was playing chess though, as the second half opened up with quarterback Tyler Huntley who looked much better. Over two drives, Huntley went 8-for-11 for 88 yards and a touchdown pass to wide receiver Tylan Wallace who used excellent body control to adjust for the back-shoulder throw.

The defense was stalwart in the second half, not giving up a single point, even after Anthony Brown threw a pick-six in the fourth quarter bringing the Eagles within one late in the game. Instead of tying it, the Eagles elected to try for two and the Ravens' defense gave nothing, with Ar’Darius Washington intercepting the attempt and effectively sealing the win.

The Ravens look to extend their streak to a milestone 25 games next week against the Washington Commanders.