Queen to the Queen City? Completing the "circle of life!"

Hi Ravens fans…

Over at Buffalo Rumblings, we’ve been pondering the Bills roster, and have come away believing there is one obvious hole to be filled: the MIKE position in the Bills’ 4-3 defense.

This spot was held down for the past five years by Tremaine Edmunds, who left this offseason for the Bears. The Bears grabbed Edmunds to fill the hole on their roster created when they traded Roquan Smith to the Ravens. Leaving the Ravens with a glut of linebackers, and the Bills with a spot yet to be adequately filled.

So this led to an obvious thought: Can the Ravens complete the 3 team ménage-a-trois by trading one of their linebackers to the Bills? The Ravens did just grab Trenton Simpson in the draft, after all. Many within Bills Mafia hoped to see him get drafted by the Bills. Would the Ravens be open to giving their younger linebackers more playing time? Is there another position the Ravens could use an upgrade in?

Outside of a straight trade for a future draft pick, is there a player / position the Ravens are somewhat weak, e.g., where the Bills could offer up someone in a player-for-player trade?

I would love help our respective GMs by figuring out what makes the most sense here. Got some thoughts on how we can manifest destiny?

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