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Open Thread: What Ravens opinion will you never back down from?

Where do you entrench yourselves in a Ravens related argument?

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

One of the best (and worst) parts of sports is the pleasure of debate. Of varying opinions sharing, contesting and challenging one another regarding their personal choice of fandom. But sometimes, there’s no area of debate that can persuade one of moving off their mark, for better or worse.

So, for the Baltimore Beatdown faithful, what Baltimore Ravens opinion will you never back down from?

Kyle Barber: A bit of a lukewarm take here that many will agree with and few will debate is the 2006 Ravens defense was the best in this franchises existence. Sadly, that team didn’t win the Super Bowl, so they’re forgotten in history. But mercy, they were dominant.

The No. 1 defense in points for, yards, first downs allowed, and second in takeaways with 40(!) and they notched 60(!!) sacks. Truly an engine of football destruction that was defeated by a Peyton Manning-led offense that didn’t find the end zone in 60 minutes. Instead, five field goals were enough to defeat the Ravens, 15-6.

Zach Canter: That Greg Roman wasn’t “that” bad. The guy managed to make an offense that averaged anywhere from 20-30 points a game for 3.5 years. He made winning concepts with backup quarterbacks consistently whenever Lamar was hurt. He’s got a 400 page playbook with all the passing concepts in the NFL.

The real downfall is that he simply wasn’t a great play caller in real time and that he wasn’t the man to grow the offense after 2021. Which if you remember, was a year Lamar looked like an MVP candidate despite all the injuries on that team and they were in first place until Lamar got hurt. If anything, the fault is just on the front office for holding on to him for so long.

And even with all that, the Ravens probably should have won the Bengals playoff game in 2022 if Huntley executes the QB sneak correctly from a yard out. Even if giving the ball to JK or Gus was a better call, which is was.

Dustin Cox: One opinion I will not back down from is feeling like several recent cornerbacks for the Ravens have gotten bad raps. Most notably in recent years, players such as Anthony Averett and Maurice Canady come to mind. Cornerback is one of the toughest positions to play at the professional level, so finding even a serviceable player should be seen as a success in the mid-to-late rounds of the draft and expectations should be adjusted accordingly, as even an All-Pro such as Marlon Humphrey has bad games.

So, Beatdown readers, what Ravens opinion will you never back down from?