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Open Thread: What is your fandom hierarchy?

Are the Ravens tops on your list or are you MLB-first? College sports?

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the offseason in it’s deep lull before the electrifying juice training camp will surge for us all, Baltimore Beatdown wants to provide a community question for the readers.

So, what is your fandom hierarchy?

Kyle Barber: When I began writing about the Ravens, they were No. 1. But as I’ve shifted into a more serious journalism role I’ve attempted to trim the fandom out and become more of a professional beat writer and withdraw my fandom. I think they’re second or third now, with my No. 1 being the Colorado Avalanche, followed by the Denver Nuggets. It’s been a wonderful couple of years I’ll say. I have never followed college sports as I have worked in the restaurant industry my entire adult life, which meant I worked every Saturday and never had the opportunity to watch or attend college events, sadly.

Zach Canter: Ravens and Orioles are top 2 easily. Grew up playing baseball at four years old all the way through high school so the O’s had a grasp on my life for a long time. The John Harbaugh Era and the O’s struggles post 2014 definitely launched the Ravens ahead for me though. College sports are super hard for me to stay locked in all the time cause I have trouble tracking the constant roster movement across the NCAA. Too many teams, too much movement, don’t know how good recruits are.

Dustin Cox: My sports fandom starts and ends with American football. The Ravens are the only team I am truly passionate about these days, but I was raised as a fan of the Auburn Tigers as well. I don’t enjoy college football as much as I used to though, so the majority of my sports devotion goes to the Ravens. Sadly, I have only been to one Ravens game in my life so far since I live in Alabama. It was one of Lamar Jackson’s first starts as a rookie against the Atlanta Falcons. That was an experience I will never forget and I hope to attend a home game in Baltimore one day with the rest of this awesome and passionate community.

So, Beatdown readers, are the Ravens your number one? Who is behind them? If not, who do you have ahead and why?