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Open Thread: What was the first sports moment that made you cry?

Which moment in sports history had you crying with joy or pain?

Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos

Throughout our sports fandom, many have come across moments of devastation and elation. The highs and joys of victory, or the soul-crushing defeat, both in the form of sudden, intense loss or the resounding, defeat delivered by a superior opponent. Either way, there are moments in sports which can make a fan cry.

Today’s Question of the Day

What was the first sports moment that made you cry?

Kyle Barber: I don’t know if I necessarily remember tears. I wasn’t much of a sports fan in my childhood, we didn’t really have television back then in my household. But, I do remember my first sports heartbreak. The Colorado Avalanche had gone from the worst teams in the NHL in 2012 to becoming the juggernaut squad led by Avalanche and hockey legend Patrick Roy. From there, they faced the Minnesota Wild in the first round. Each game went to the home team, which led to a Game 7. The Avalanche went up 1-0. Tied 1-1. Up 2-1. Tied 2-2. Up 3-2. Tied 3-3. Up 4-3. Tied 4-4. They simply could not bury the Wild. And if you give your foe enough opportunities, they’ll wind up burying you.

And in overtime, a Nino Niederrieter missile rung the iron and the Avalanche dream season was dead in Denver.

I was sitting in an Old Chicago in Gillette, Wyoming, eating chicken strips and drinking root beer in my Avalanche sweater, sad and heartbroken. I’m not sure if there were tears, but I remember my friend texting me and telling me I was officially a hockey fan, as I’ve experienced my first sports heartbreak.

So, Beartdown readers, what was the first sports moment that made you cry?