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Open Thread: Which Eric DeCosta draft picks won’t make the 53-man roster?

The Ravens will have a tough time keeping every draft pick they still have from the beginning of GM Eric DeCosta’s tenure. Who is most at risk?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens Training Camp Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2023 NFL draft concluded, so too did Baltimore Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta’s fifth draft as the front offices’ highest-ranking individual. Through the years, DeCosta’s picks have been hit and miss, as they’ve been with every franchise spanning the beginning of the draft. But with five years worth of draft picks under DeCosta’s belt, which ones are most at risk to no longer be Ravens?

DeCosta has drafted 43 players since 2019, with 11 no longer on the team due to various circumstances. This season, that number may increase, as the Ravens’ roster experienced some overhaul in a specific area that could impact players drafted by DeCosta.

Today’s Question of the Day:

Which Eric DeCosta draft picks won’t make the 53-man roster?

Kyle Barber: The players most at risk to not make the roster are fullback Ben Mason and wide receivers James Proche, Tylan Wallace and Devin Duvernay. The Ravens won’t keep two fullbacks on the roster, so unless Mason becomes a pass-catching fiend and savant in pass-blocking and blitz pickups, he’ll be landing on the practice squad in Baltimore or on a new roster.

As for the wide receivers, it’s obvious the Ravens are looking for production and the revamp of the receiving room put the younger talents on notice. Last season the Ravens wanted to give their young corps every opportunity to succeed and not bring in veterans to begin the year. It didn’t pan out, and by the seasons’ end they had brought in 36-year-old DeSean Jackson and Sammy Watkins.

Now, they’ve added numerous talents and former first-round picks from across the league and it’s likely we’ll see one or two of the trio off the 53-man roster come cut down day. It could be all three if the Ravens are interested in trading Duvernay, but that’s a tough one.

So, Beatdown readers, which DeCosta draft picks won’t make the 53-man roster?