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Open Thread: Will you attend the Ravens’ training camp?

Tickets for Training Camp released yesterday. Did you snag any?

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens released their free training camp practices for the 2023 season. Fans across the internet were hunkered over their computers in attempts to claim the limited passes once the site went live at 11 a.m. ET.

Now, the website has updated to a waitlist, meaning the tickets have been claimed and fans who got lucky will be in attendance starting July 26.

Training camp is a rather fun experience (outside of the droves of cars lined up an hour before the starting time), as sponsorships trucks with coffee, sno-cones and food trucks line up around the fields behind bleachers with shops to buy new merchandise from. The Ravens have generated a fun atmosphere to enjoy watching the training camp practices along with having areas for the little ones to run about as they may not be keen on watching nearly 2.5 hours worth of practice and needing to run about. Overall, it’s an impressive set up the Ravens have cultivated over the years. They’ve had fans to show support and they’ve given it back with free passes and entertainment and options for those who attend.

Today’s Question of the Day

Will you attend the Ravens’ training camp?

Kyle Barber: Obviously, I’ll be in attendance as a media member. This is my favorite time to be around and covering the team. But if I didn’t work as a media member and say I was just a bartender in the area, I think I’d try to attend a practice. At least I’d attend the stadium practice, which is an awesome experience and maybe even a relaxing date idea if the person you want to take is a Ravens fan, too. Even if they aren’t, the stadium practice has concessions, drinks and the post-practice fireworks and laser show is entertaining for sure.