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Open Thread: Who is your favorite current Raven?

Which Baltimore Ravens player has your bid for favorite Raven?

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens have done an excellent job marketing their players to fans over the years. We get behind the scenes videos with the “Wired” series, funny content with “Ravens Superlatives” and social media as a whole has amplified players to the level they do (and sometimes don’t) want. So, we now have access to the players far more than we’ve ever had, which brings another perspective to our fandom outside of the gridiron and their play.

Today’s Question of the Day

Who is your current favorite Raven?

Kyle Barber: I’m breaking up my answer into two parts. There’s my favorite on the field but there’s also a favorite (or a few) who I’ve had positive interactions with in the locker room and respect for.

On the field it’s Lamar Jackson. What we’ve watched from him has been one-of-a-kind. There is no quarterback in the NFL we’ve witnessed to play like him before. It’s been a joy to watch and a privilege to cover.

In the locker room, I’ve been fortunate to interact with guys like Patrick Queen, Broderick Washington and J.K. Dobbins. Queen has been great to talk with both in front of microphones and with them off, too. Same goes for Dobbins, who has never been shy to share his feelings. I’ve had a great respect for Washington since he was open to speaking with me and media members after their bad loss to the Steelers last season. It was the first time I approached a player in the post game after a loss and the air is different.

It comes as no surprise that two of these guys were up for Media Good Guy, with Queen being the winner in 2022.

So, Beatdown readers, who is your favorite current Raven?