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Ravens OLBs Coach Chuck Smith: ‘You’re Going to Know [Odafe Oweh’s] Signature Move’

Ravens outside linebackers coach Chuck Smith is supplying the Ravens’ pass rushers with moves for the 2023 season and beyond

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Lost in the big name acquisitions and re-signings of the offseason for the Baltimore Ravens was the hiring of outside linebacker coach Chuck Smith, or “Dr. Rush.” He comes highly regarded by the likes of Von Miller, who calls him his “personal Phil Jackson” and Aaron Donald, who says Smith taught him the violent club chop. With those stars, he upgraded their arsenal with pass rush moves and Smith plans to do the same with outside linebacker Odafe Oweh.

“After this year, when you see Odafe, you’re going to know his signature pass rush move,” Smith said.

But Oweh won’t be the only one gaining technique and moves to get after the quarterback. It’s those on the Ravens’ roster who will glean insight into defeating offensive linemen in 2023.

“But it’s not just Odafe,” Smith said. “It’s [David] Ojabo. It’s Jeremiah Moon. It’s Tavius Robinson. All these guys are working for a common cause and ultimately to be the best team defense we can be, but the big prize is to try and win a Super Bowl.”

Smith listed pass rush stars of previous generations and noted how each one had signature moves that allowed them to be disruptive. Terrell Suggs had long arm with power. Von Miller and Dwight Freeney used spin. Smith believes the Ravens’ pass rushers can learn these moves to make them successful.

“But the beauty of this whole thing is every one of those guys were taught,” Smith said. “So, we’re teaching them to do high performance moves but most importantly how to fix them when flaws come about and that’s where I come in at.”