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Reacts Results: Ravens fans concerned most about pass defense

Fans waiting for the Ravens to prove it in the pass game on both sides of the ball

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Last week, Baltimore Beatdown polled Ravens fans, asking for which sides of the ball they are most and least confident in. After all, the Ravens have made numerous additions to both sides in terms of personnel and coaching hires. But those moves have Ravens fans waiting for the team to prove it, still acknowledging this teams’ strengths lie in their rushing offense and defense until proven otherwise.

It comes as no surprise, seeing as the Ravens are still a John Harbaugh-led team. Yes, the passing game will grow, it’s impossible not to with the hires and signings, but the run game is still where the Ravens butter their bread. There’s a notable lack of confidence in the passing game on both sides, and when we asked what side of the ball is most concerning, they labeled both.

The pass defense last season grew stout as the season wore on. Rookie safety Kyle Hamilton found his role, safety Marcus Williams returned and things developed as chemistry was forged. But cornerback Marcus Peters is gone, the depth is a bonafide question mark behind the top two cornerbacks and it remains to be seen in this team will put it together.

That’s not to say they can’t. Humphrey has been on numerous lists as a top 10 cornerback. The secondary as a whole was ranked No. 5 by PFF, with them believing they could be the top unit. But for now, Ravens fans are wanting to see what’s in store for the pass defense as a whole. At least there’s growing confidence in the passing attack.

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