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Lamar Jackson ‘loves’ the Ravens’ new offense

Jackson expressed great positivity about Todd Monken’s offense

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Lamar Jackson Press Conference Brent Skeen-USA TODAY Sports

Three times, Lamar Jackson said the word “love” when describing his emotions on the new offense being implemented by Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken. Jackson also called it “tremendous” and that he feels he’s been given the keys to the offense, and with it, freedom.

Jackson has always desired a more pro style offense. He opined to the fanbase about it most recently in a clip on his Instagram with an interview of himself sharing how he entered the league in Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s system, a West Coast offense.

Though he’s a transcendent running quarterback, he’s always showed a lack of interest in running, expressing the most efficient way to travel down the field and score is by throwing the football. He delivered such a message on Wednesday, complimenting Monken’s offense and philosophy.

“Sometimes we can’t ... Running can only take you so far, and I feel like, with this new era of teams and offenses in the league, I feel like we need that,” Jackson said. “And Coach Todd Monken, what I’m seeing in his offense so far is looking tremendous.”

The running narrative’s been something Jackson’s tried to buck and juke like a would-be tackler. He’s wanting to show his passing ability and demonstrate the requirements of being a pocket passer. It sounds like he’s found his match with Monken’s system.

“The new offense is smooth,” Jackson said. “[There is] more verbiage than usual. I like it. I’m loving it so far. “Coach [Todd Monken] is basically just giving us the keys to the offense, really. And like I said, I’m loving it. “You can change things when you want to. You see the defense, [and if] it’s not looking right to you, you see a guy blitzing, [or] you might want your receiver to do something different, Coach has given you the free will to do whatever you want to.”