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No Ravens included in PFF’s top 25 players under 25

Ravens young talent not featured amongst the NFL’s elite

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Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

In Pro Football Focus’ recent article ranking the top 25 players in the league under the age of 25, the list excluded any players from the Baltimore Ravens. One of the most notable omissions was safety Kyle Hamilton, who had an exceptional rookie season and was graded as the number one ranked safety in the entire league by PFF.

Being only 22 years old, Hamilton’s achievement of being the top player at his position as a rookie is incredibly impressive and should have made him a strong contender for PFF’s list. Although he primarily played as a nickel back rather than a traditional safety like Marcus Williams or former Raven Chuck Clark, Hamilton had a significant impact on the defense as his playing time increased.

Hamilton showcased his versatility by blanketing opposing tight ends, covering slot receivers, and demonstrating excellent play recognition and pursuit skills to track down running backs. In the pinnacle moment of Baltimore’s season, Hamilton forced a crucial fumble against former Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst, which had a significant impact on the course of their wild card game against the rival Bengals.

While the list compiled by PFF certainly includes many deserving players, it is surprising to see the top-graded safety in the league not included amongst the top 25 young players. Hamilton’s outstanding performance and impact on the field should have made him a strong candidate for recognition on PFF’s list.