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Roundtable Reaction: Ravens sign WR Odell Beckham Jr. to one-year deal with $15 million guaranteed

The Beatdown staff react to the news of the Ravens’ signing of WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens agreed in principle to a one-year deal with wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. According to reports, the deal is $15 million guaranteed, with up to $3 million in escalators. Below you’ll find the reaction from the Baltimore Beatdown staff.

After reading reports that Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti was involved in the courting of Beckham Jr and the process, it’s clear the Ravens want to bring back Jackson and show good will. Bisciotti also clearly just wanted this over, and it sounds like he gave the green light to just give Beckham Jr. the $15 million he wanted when the New York Jets balked. This offseason, the Ravens paid the highest amount for a wide receiver.

This is a good signing with a hefty price tag. Expect void years and contract manipulation to get this all to work. It’s a great move and a bold effort to bring back No. 8. It’s a bit risky and a hefty payday, but if Beckham Jr. can be the star we’ve witnessed, it’s worth each cent. — Kyle P. Barber

This is the type of power move Ravens faithful having been patiently waiting for since the 2019 postseason early exit.

Beckham brings a concerning injury history and is on the back end of his prime, but was arguably the best player on the field during the Rams Super Bowl run a couple seasons ago. He still boasts the highest upside of any WR readily available this offseason.

If Lamar can come to his senses soon, EDC has finally surrounding him with the makings of an above average receiving corps and above average offensive line simultaneously.

With Beckham in the fold, EDC can turn his full attention to the lacking cornerback room, with rare prospects such as Joey Porter Jr, and Deonte Banks potentially available at 22, and if the board falls favorably, BAL can field their first Super Bowl caliber roster since 2012 after paying up for Beckham Jr. — Vasilis Lericos

The Ravens finally make a splash in the wide receiver department by signing maybe the biggest name available. Having not played since 2021 and suffering multiple injuries over the past few years, Beckham Jr. carries risk. However, when last on the field, he proved to still be a talented difference-maker for the Rams. If the Ravens can get almost a full season of play from “OBJ” in 2023, he’s the exact type of proven wideout the team needs. The price tag is high, but the Ravens needed to take a swing and did. It will be interesting to see if this has any ramifications on Lamar Jackson’s status in Baltimore, as well. — Frank Platko

The Ravens finally make a splash at the wide receiver position by opening up the check book for Odell Beckham Jr. It remains to be seen how good Beckham will be after not playing for a year and coming off a torn ACL. If he is even close to the player of old, then Beckham will give Baltimore something they have not had at wide receiver in all of Lamar Jackson’s tenure. Hopefully, this signing will go a long way in the relationship between the organization and their star quarterback as well as the two sides continue to negotiate a new deal. — Dustin Cox

Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta said they were going to revamp their receiver room at their end of year press conference following their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in the Wild Card round, and they certainly have.

Odell Beckham Jr. is the biggest name the Ravens have added to the offensive side of the football through free agency in years. Beckham, who will be 31 in November, hasn’t played since tearing his ACL after scoring a massive touchdown in Super Bowl LVI. Beckham’s laundry list of soft tissue injuries is long, but so is the list of his accomplishments. If he looks anything like he did in 2021-22 for the Rams, the Ravens offense under first year Todd Monken will be a fun one.

Beckham can win isolated, works at all three levels of the field and has some of the best body control and contested catch ability of his generation. The Ravens were comfortable enough with his medicals after reportedly being in talks with the star receiver for over a year. If he can give the Ravens somewhere around 14 or more games of what he’s been when able to play, the Ravens hit a home run. Beckham’s contract, $15 million with $3 million in possible incentives, shows an extreme confidence from the Ravens front office for a receiver that will be 31 in November and hasn’t played in over a year. This is a make or break move for Baltimore, and they’re going to go down swinging with it. — Spencer Schultz

This the “wow” move we’ve been waiting for. The Ravens have finally grabbed a proven veteran star receiver at the wide receiver position. One capable of impacting Todd Monken’s new offense at all levels in a multitude of ways. This signing also accomplishes some other things.

One, the Ravens aren’t shoehorned into absolutely making a wide receiver at pick No. 22. Guys like cornerback Deonte Banks are absolutely at the top of the board now.

Two, it should hopefully help right the ship with Lamar Jackson, at least a little. Beckham would not come to the Ravens if he wasn’t sure Jackson would be playing here. Hopefully, this can allow DeCosta to tell Jackson “we’ve got you a top receiver, a top five tight end, a great offensive line, a powerful duo of running backs, and a brand new coordinator,” and help facilitate a deal.