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Roundtable reacts: Lamar Jackson agrees to a five-year, $260 million deal

Beatdown gang reacts to the Ravens and Lamar Jackson agreeing to a long-term deal

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson have agreed in principle to a five year, $260 million deal. Below, you’ll find the reactions from the Baltimore Beatdown crew.

Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta and quarterback Lamar Jackson may now remove the Atlas-sized weight of this two-year ordeal off their shoulders. Through public discourse and ill-timed tweets and commentary, a deal alleviates all. Though there’s little time to celebrate, seeing as the 2023 NFL draft is hours away, both sides (and Ravens fans) can smile and rejoice, for a deal was struck.

It’s abundantly clear Jackson didn’t get what he was originally seeking (a fully guaranteed contract), and after the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Jalen Hurts came to an agreement on a deal similar to the previously reported offer from the Ravens to Jackson, the Ravens offered a cool $5 million stack to appease Jackson in guarantees and total value. This, combined with hiring Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken and signing wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. amounts to a happy and wealthy Jackson who will remain in Baltimore through 2027. — Kyle Barber

Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts Contract Comparison

Player Lamar Jackson Jalen Hurts
Player Lamar Jackson Jalen Hurts
Term 5 5
Total (millions) $260 $255
Total gtd. (millions) $185 $180

Lamar Jackson always seemed destined to be a Raven long term because he captured the ethos of Baltimore.

Despite hiccups, mostly caused by an outlier contract and opportunistic labor union, Ravens brass managed an extremely tricky situation masterfully at every step of the way.Lamar has the rare talent and charisma to join Johnny Unitas and Ray Lewis as a statue worthy figure one day.

The focus now turns to maximizing championships with Lamar in his prime, and that process begins tonight with a draft haul that should put the win-now bullseye on Kansas City by selecting players that impact the passing game on both sides of the ball.

Lamar’s legacy will ultimately be defined by his postseason play, and DeCosta’s ability to surround him with the supporting cast to facilitate playoff success. — Vasilis Lericos

Even through the rollercoaster ride of the past two years, it never seemed believable to envision Lamar wearing a different jersey. Today’s news is joyous and marks the end of the long, tiresome saga that sucked the life out of all things Ravens-related recently. Now, with Jackson locked in for the future, the arrow is back to pointing straight up. Unsurprisingly the contract is large but worth it, and importantly the Ravens now have more immediate cap space flexibility. The onus now shifts to properly building around Lamar and creating a championship-caliber offense, for which strides are already being made so far this offseason. Kudos to both sides for never wavering in their commitment to reaching an agreement despite all the outside noise. — Frank Platko

This day felt like it would never come. After multiple years of speculation, rumors, and drama, the Ravens have locked up the best offensive playmaker to ever walk through their doors. What Lamar Jackson means to this team, fanbase, and city of Baltimore, cannot be overstated. Since being drafted with the No. 32 pick in the 2018 draft, Jackson immediately breathed new life into a franchise that was beginning to feel stuck in the mud. In the end, Jackson did not get a fully guaranteed contract like some reported he was initially seeking, but he is taking home quite the haul with the largest contract in NFL history. Both sides deserve props for navigating through some murky waters given Jackson’s lack of an agent. From owner Steve Bisciotti, to general manager Eric DeCosta, head coach John Harbaugh, and Jackson and his camp, this is a massive win for everyone involved. Fans will continue to have the pleasure of watching the electric No. 8 on the field for several more years to come. — Dustin Cox

The last 6 months have been a painful experience for everyone involved with the Ravens organization but the two sides finally agree on a deal that will make him the highest paid player in NFL history. Jackson has had more regular season success than any player in the NFL besides Patrick Mahomes since being drafted in 2018, and nearly five nearly to the day, he agrees to a long term deal. Considering the lack of play making talent around him in his career, Ravens fans should feel very confident in the team competing for years to come. Congratulations to Lamar Jackson, the Ravens organization, and Ravens fans. — Stephen Bopst

It took two years. Two long years of rumors, negotiating, and emotions. The last six months were especially brutal, with false reports, injuries and not knowing what to believe from what sources. But here we are. Lamar Jackson staying a Raven made too much sense. There was never another team that would value Jackson as much as the Ravens.

The deal seems fair for both sides. Lamar gets to be highest paid player in the NFL at $52 million a year and the guarantees stay fair for the Ravens to allow them to build a team around Jackson. With the draft coming up and the rumors surrounding DeAndre Hopkins, it’s time for the Ravens to go compete for a Super Bowl with their franchise quarterback. — Zach Canter