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NFL Players react to reports of teams being out on QB Lamar Jackson

Players are curious as to why teams aren’t showing interest in Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Players across the NFL are taking notice of teams reportedly being out on quarterback Lamar Jackson, and sharing their curiosity as to why teams wouldn’t want the former league MVP.

Early on, it was safety Tyrann Mathieu asking what’s the deal.

Now, two more members are following suit, those being former Ravens safety Tony Jefferson and recently retired defensive lineman J.J. Watt.

What’s arrived is an unprecedented situation where the masses are assumedly messaging every contact with respective teams and getting their initial reaction to the news. What’s following is likely consideration as to what kind of contract Jackson wants, which is something most around the league are uninterested in: a fully guaranteed mega deal akin to Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Regardless, it’s peculiar to see report after report announcing teams are not interested in a player who is among the NFL’s best when on the field, but teams aren’t yet tripping over one another in an attempt to sign Jackson.