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Report: The Atlanta Falcons ‘will not be pursuing QB Lamar Jackson’

One of the few teams that appeared to be interested in Lamar Jackson is reportedly out

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Speculation has brewed surrounding which teams would be interested in quarterback Lamar Jackson if the Ravens were interested in trading him. Among the speculated teams, many noted the Atlanta Falcons, who are quarterback needy and have $66 million in cap space, per However, according to a second report, this one from ESPN’s Dianna Russini, the Falcons are not interested in such a move.

This tracks both with what NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport stated on The Pat McAfee Show on Monday.

“It would take someone unbelievably committed to Lamar Jackson and I’ve looked, and I have not found that team just yet,” Rapoport said.

When prompted about the Falcons, Rapoport denied such option.

“I’ve checked Atlanta,” Rapoport said. “I would never rule out anything, ever. I just don’t get the sense that anything is imminent there.”

With the Falcons out, there are few teams remaining that would be interested in such a move. They would have the opportunity to negotiate with Jackson directly now, seeing as the Ravens applied the non-exclusive franchise tag on him, but it will take a hefty contract that the Ravens won’t match and two first-round picks.