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Lamar Jackson and Ken Francis deny report of Francis contacting teams on Jackson’s behalf

Lamar Jackson swiftly denies rumors of Ken Francis negotiating his deal

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Not an hour after reports were released across the NFL media landscape regarding a one “Ken Francis,” Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson chimes in to deny the report, tweeting “Stop Lying that man never tried to negotiate for me.”

Regardless, according to NFL Network and ESPN reports, the NFL released a memorandum telling clubs to not interact or enter into conversation or negotiation with “Ken Francis,” who was “attempting to persuade Club personnel to enter into negotiations with or concerning Lamar Jackson.”

According to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Francis was contacted by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and denied he has contacted teams on Jackson’s behalf.

“‘I don’t speak for Lamar,’ Francis said.”

“Francis said he’s business partners with Jackson on portable gym equipment and that’s the extent of their business dealings. He stressed that Jackson handles his own football matters, though he has people in his circle that he might consult.”

After the quote tweet, Jackson posted a second tweet of a viral meme of actor Ben Affleck smoking a cigarette, with his No. 8 jersey photoshopped on Affleck.

This is another situation in which reports are released by NFL insiders that Jackson will refute.

Last week, Jackson denied a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Jackson turned down $200 million, which was published on Baltimore Beatdown. He then went on to share numbers regarding his deal for the first time.

The saga between the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson has been dragging on for more than a year as they’ve negotiated a long-term contract extension to no avail. Now other teams are apparently being dragged into the mess.