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Lamar Jackson was offered one of the biggest deals in NFL history and here are the details

Jackson chimes in and both ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirm the potential contract

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who has been in heated discussions for years with the team over a contract extension, quote-tweeted Baltimore Beatdown, denying an earlier report he turned down a $200 million guaranteed deal back in September.

He followed up, assumedly admitting he turned down a three-year, $133 million guaranteed deal, which was similar to what ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported, which was what Baltimore Beatdown cited.

As Schefter has stated, he and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported on this back in September.

Here was the original tweet thread from Mortensen.

Since then, Schefter has clarified what the deal was.

“Here’s the deal. This is something that Chris Mortensen and I reported in September. Nothing new,” Schefter said. “We saw the contract back then and it was reviewed and the contract included $133 million guaranteed at signing. Fully guaranteed. Then, essentially, there were injury guarantees that brought it up to $175 million guaranteed for injury. That’s real. It was $168 million—there was another $7 million that is accounted for at a later date that makes it $175 million in guaranteed salary. Then, we mention this springing guarantee of basically $25 million. It would’ve raised it from $175 million to $200 million if he was on the roster on the fifth day of the 2026 league year. So, three years from now, if he’s on the roster, he gets another 25 [million dollars guaranteed].”

Schefter goes on to explain why it is essentially $175 million guaranteed.

“Essentially, for that $175 million not to kick in, Baltimore would’ve had to release him now and take a cap hit of $70 million. They’re not doing that.”

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport was also on air on Tuesday and shared what he’s heard.

“We had heard that the Ravens offered him a fully guaranteed deal. I’d heard that it was a shorter deal,” Rapoport said. “It seems to be, not 100-percent guaranteed but it seems to be what Lamar Jackson is indicating that he got a three-year deal for $133 million fully guaranteed from the Ravens.”

He also shared different methods in which the Ravens have attempted to sign Jackson.

“The Ravens have tried every different way to get this contract done. Long, short, a lot of guarantees, not as much guarantees but high APY,” Rapoport said. “It simply has not happened. So Lamar Jackson is showing us, ‘Here’s what I turned down.’”