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Ravens could net two 2024 compensatory picks

The Ravens are already in the black for compensatory picks

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Though it’s only Day 2 of the NFL offseason, the Ravens are back to their compensatory pick ways. With the Denver Broncos paying big money to offensive lineman Ben Powers and the Minnesota Vikings signing tight end Josh Oliver to a lucrative deal, the Ravens are in line to net two 2024 compensatory picks.

Compensatory picks have been a significant part of the Ravens’ efforts since their inception. Though they were without a compensatory pick this season, they still manage to lead the NFL in total compensatory picks since 1994, with 55.

Wildly, this is the first time the Ravens have been without a compensatory selection since 2010.

Of course, this could change if the Ravens go out and make signings, but with the cap space they have, it’s unlikely they’ll sign two unrestricted free agents that would cancel out both deals they saw from their players exiting.