Trolls on this site.

Hi guys, I know I haven't been too active on this site recently, and part of the reason is these new trolls. You know who you are. You guys have ruined the site, and the ignore feature is great. Please if you just come here to troll just go to some other site, we really don't appreciate you. We may not be the most active community, but you guys just clog the comments, and I think we really need more administration on this site to prevent trolling attempts. Please staff, could you please just consider giving these trolls warnings, and if it isn't in the ToS to stop trolls, please add it. If your whole purpose on this site is just to clog up comments with jaded views of stupid things, and you will never back down, please stop because NO ONE on this site appreciates it. I'll be more active on this site from now on, but just please stop.

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