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Why a trade for CB Jalen Ramsey doesn’t make sense for the Ravens

A great player, but a financial nightmare with the Ravens needing to focus elsewhere

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, the Los Angeles Rams are expected to trade cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Many teams will be interested in the three time All-Pro, and NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah believes the Ravens could be a landing spot for the star.

However, this doesn’t work.

The Ravens have $24 million in cap space without Lamar Jackson, and all signs point to the Ravens using the franchise tag on the quarterback, be it exclusive or non-exclusive. Either way, that wipes out $32.416 million (Non-exclusive) or $45.46 million (exclusive).

This puts the Ravens cap in the red, and that’s without acquiring the third-highest cornerback contract in the NFL, where Ramsey is due $25.2 million in 2023.

If that’s not enough, part of the reason the Rams are trying to ship Ramsey is the 28-year-old wanting a new contract, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

“There was talk before the 2022 season about Ramsey getting a new deal, but he still had four years left at the time. Now, with three years left, he likely wants a new deal — and he may be getting a new team in order to make that happen,” Florio wrote.”That seems to be the real reason why the Rams are trading him. It’s not because his skills have diminished, even if they have a bit. It’s because Ramsey wants more, and that the Rams are trying to accommodate him before things get as ugly as they did when he wanted out of Jacksonville.”

The Ravens also don’t have much in terms of capital to send the Rams’ way. That is, unless they adopt the “F--- them picks” method the Rams have used for seasons in pushing for a Super Bowl, but it’s hard to see the Ravens doing so when they see the NFL Draft as the bedrock of their team. They’re also in dire need of cheaper talent and the draft is the best way to acquire it, too.

Yes, it would be grand to pair Ramsey with cornerback Marlon Humphrey and in a secondary boasting Marcus Williams and Kyle Hamilton, but the team can’t afford to do so with holes elsewhere. Even if their second-greatest need is at cornerback.