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Roundtable Reactions: Ravens Hire Georgia OC Todd Monken

The Beatdown gang reacts to the Ravens’ hiring of Georgia OC Todd Monken

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On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens announced they’ve hired University of Georgia Offensive Coordinator and quarterbacks coach Todd Monken to be their new offensive coordinator. Below, you’ll find the reactions to the news from the Baltimore Beatdown staff.

Just an all-around excellent hire for the Ravens. The team needed a change, and Monken offers it with a championship acumen and resume filled with success.

Monken’s shown an ability to coach at both levels, as he led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense to top-10 passing seasons with both Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick as his quarterbacks, just as he’s done with the Georgia Bulldogs in back-to-back seasons with Stetson Bennett.

Monken is a hire that shows the Ravens want to advance their passing attack and system without leaving their rushing attack behind. With a balanced system that advances their passing scheme, the Ravens will be in better shape in the passing game and red zone come the 2023 season. — Kyle Barber

This is a pleasantly surprising hire. More than anything, the Ravens needed a fresh change in perspective from their next offensive coordinator. Todd Monken will provide that. As the orchestrator of one college football’s best offenses over the past few seasons, there’s a lot to like about what Monken could bring to the Ravens. It’s also comforting that he’s tenured at the NFL level as well, so there won’t be any sort of steep learning curve. Monken isn’t a flashy up-and-coming new coach but is an outside-the-box hire we may not traditionally expect from John Harbaugh. Here’s hoping he can replicate his success from Georgia and maximize the Ravens’ offensive talent. — Frank Platko

Todd Monken is an exciting and interesting hire for a multitude of reasons. Monken is a play caller with NFL experience who has a balanced and diverse offensive Monken’s time at Georgia showed adapting a smart, quarterback friendly offense that utilizes the width of the field in the pass game while maintaining an aggressive downhill run game. The 57-year-old has a history of adapting to his personnel rather than forcing his personnel to be something they’re not. His experience with a variety of coaches resonates through the different philosophies Monken rolls into year over year.

Using the width of the field in the pass game combined with an aggressive downhill run game, Monken should be able to maintain much of what made the Ravens ground game successful while creating more easy throws for Lamar Jackson. Monken is a swiss-army-knife coordinator who should develop more quick game than the Ravens have utilized in years.

Baltimore hit a home run with this one. — Spencer Schultz

Todd Monken represents a solid hire. A very experienced coordinator who should bring more balance than Greg Roman’s scheme offered. While not the most innovative or drop-back passing focused candidate available, Monken should be able to design gameplans that accentuate the Ravens personnel.

The question is if Monken will be able to orchestrate a top-15 passing offense with presumably lesser receiving talent than he had at the majority of his previous stops. No team has won a Super Bowl without ranking among the top-14 in passing yards since 2013. Hopefully Monken will prompt Head Coach John Harbaugh to pivot from his preferred run-based identity to an offensive unit that is versatile enough to overcome any defensive scheme and game script. — Vasilis Lericos

Instead of an up-and-coming hotshot, the Ravens instead turn towards a seasoned veteran as their next offensive play caller. Monken has had success in both the NFL and college ranks with less than stellar options at the quarterback position so it is exciting to imagine what he can do with someone of Lamar Jackson’s caliber (assuming Jackson is still around, of course.) Monken is capable of balancing a strong rushing attack with a more nuanced passing game that Baltimore has not had in recent years. The Ravens now need to settle the Jackson situation and find another wide receiver or two to go with a strong offensive line, great tight end room, and excellent running backs. — Dustin Cox