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Ravens players share experience in watching Jackson’s 5 TD performance: ‘Lamar has been him. Always been him’

Ravens players were in for a treat watching Lamar Jackson carve up the Miami Dolphins defense

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

Quarterback Lamar Jackson bolted the coffins of MVP-wannabes closed after destroying the Miami Dolphins with a perfect performance. On New Years Eve, Jackson finished the game with 321 yards and five touchdowns on 18-of-21 passing. He notched his third game with a perfect quarterback rating (158.3), tying Tom Brady and Kurt Warner for the second-most in NFL history. He’s one game from tying the NFL record.

After such a performance, teammates shared what it’s like watching Jackson go to work.

“The past few years, it’s not even just today or this season, I see it every day. He’s magical,” Odafe Oweh said. “I feel like he’s still the MVP. Lamar has been him. Always been him. And people didn’t believe it and then when people believe it. I’m very proud of him. He told us at the beginning of this year that he got us and there was no one that didn’t believe him. So, I’m proud of him.”

Former Steelers cornerback Arthur Maulet is relieved to not be battling against the Ravens and Jackson.

“It’s like watching a video game, bro,” Maulet said. “Every week, he does something and it’s like, really? I played against him in Pittsburgh. It’s like I’m glad on this side now. I don’t have to chase him around. It’s very appreciative.”

Fullback Patrick Ricard shared what he’s seen in Jackson evolving.

“Lamar, his reads and his progressions, are so much quicker and faster and decisive,” Ricard said. “You know where he wants to put the ball and we have the weapons to make it happen. Guys are getting open and guys are making the plays when it’s needed. Guys are stepping up in crucial moments and just making the plays. I’m just very proud of everybody.”

Left tackle Ronnie Stanley believes there’s no doubt who should be the MVP.

”Without question, Lamar is the MVP in my mind,” Stanley said. “The things he does, no other player in the NFL can do, and he’s underrated at many aspects still. He’s taken complete control over the offense. Just his poise keeps getting better and better, the way he handles these situations. Maybe you get a bad call or what not. But he’s able to react to those situations and make it beneficial for us.”