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Previewing the Ravens vs. 49ers Week 16 showdown

Ravens are back at it after a lengthy break

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

After Santa Claus finishes his flight around the globe, he’ll likely rest and relax before kicking up his feet on a recliner next to Mrs. Claus to watch the Monday Night Football prime time matchup against two NFL juggernauts

Teams (Records)

Baltimore Ravens: 11-3
San Francisco 49ers: 11-3

Odds (Courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook)

Ravens +6
Moneyline: Ravens +210; 49ers -258

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.

Last 5 Games In Series

Ravens have won four of the past five matchups (including Super Bowl XLVII, nbd)

Matchup History

Ravens lead the all-time series 5-2-0

Injury Report

Are the Ravens Disrespected?

This is only the second time the Ravens have been underdogs this season. According to Head Coach John Harbaugh, “It was mentioned,” to the team. And while Harbaugh didn’t outright say it, safety Kyle Hamilton certainly did, saying the team is being disrespected.

“I think the [teams with an] 11-3 [record] are not created equal right now, in terms of the 49ers versus us, and we feel a little disrespected by that. I feel like we are the best team in the league, and we have an opportunity in front of the country to show it.”

I followed up and asked Hamilton if they aren’t getting the respect they deserve.

“Speaking for everybody else, I assume that we’re all in the same mindset in the sense that we only have control of what we do, what we say, and we talk with our pads. So, like I said, we still have to go out and play a football game,” Hamilton said. “No matter how much we want to talk about it, no matter how much we want to say we’re underdogs or this and that, [that we’re] overhyped [or] whatever, we still have to go play a game.”

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey is aiming to have some folks lose money on Christmas night.

““I was a little surprised at that [being underdogs]. That hurt my feelings a little bit,” Humphrey said. “I was surprised to see that, but I definitely want to make that be incorrect, for sure. Hopefully, some people lose some money betting with them and make some money betting with us. That’d be great.”

Lamar Jackson Makes Defenders Frustrated

The Ravens star quarterback has made a habit of eluding pressure and going from a loss play into a first down and more. He did so against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he’s likely to do it against the 49ers on Monday. Cornerback Marlon Humphrey talked about being a defender and the impact Jackson’s magic can make.

“With Lamar [Jackson], it’s unique just because I think everyone has a pretty good plan [to stop him], and then, it just seems like it doesn’t go as planned based off what I see. He’s just a guy that ... He does it all,” Humphrey said. “You see it every week. It gets normal to the guys like us, but it’s always ... Anytime I put on the TV copy [of the game], it’s like, ‘This guy is crazy good.’ It’s really cool to see the things he does in a game. Even in practice, it formulates to the game.”

DVOA Stuff

The Ravens are the No. 2 team by DVOA.

Offense: No. 4
Defense: No. 2
Special Teams: No. 8

The 49ers are the No. 1 team by DVOA, and ahead of the Ravens in team DVOA by 7.9 points.

Offense: No. 1
Defense: No. 4
Special Teams: No. 24