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Baltimore Beatdown Game Picks: Week 15

“Expert” Picks

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport/Getty Images

Welcome to Baltimore Beatdown Picks Week 15!


  • Joshua Reed holds a seven-game lead, at 134-77!
  • In second place is Frank Platko, going 127-82
  • Vasilis Lericos is four-games back at 123-89.
  • Kyle Phoenix is falling apart, dropping to 120-71 after a dismal 6-9 performance

Consensus Picks

Atlanta Falcons > Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints > New York Giants

Miami Dolphins > New York Jets

Kansas City Chiefs > New England Patriots

Los Angeles Rams > Washington Commanders

San Francisco 49ers > Arizona Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys > Buffalo Bills

Baltimore Ravens > Jacksonville Jaguars

Philadelphia Eagles > Seattle Seahawks

Lone Wolf Selections

If you’re trusting somebody, go with Josh Reed who is on a hot streak this week, starting 4-0 and lone-wolfing the Raiders, who obliterated the Chargers in prime time.

Picks (Sponsored by DraftKings Sportsbook)

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