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NFLPA President announces frustration in fine system; Ravens players fined more than $220k in 2023

Ravens have been on the receiving end of such fines

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

There was a national reaction last week after Baltimore Ravens fullback Patrick Ricard was fined $21,694 for unnecessary roughness against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 8. Film of the play was posted by The Baltimore Banner’s Jonas Shaffer, and both pundits and players were pissed.

This fine appeared to bubble the already simmering frustration to a boil, and on Wednesday, NFLPA President J.C. Tretter released an article on the NFL fine system.

“Our members are voicing their concerns both privately and publicly that the NFL is excessively fining players. Furthermore, the league has control of the points of emphasis and their enforcement. By simply creating a new point of emphasis, the NFL can rack up hundreds of escalating fines on players. This is an approach that does not make sense and is leading to money coming out of players’ pockets for things that, often, they are being coached to execute. In short, players feel this has become less about player safety and more about being overly punitive.”

The Ravens are likely among those expressing frustration. Since the start of the 2023 NFL season, Ravens have been fined a total of $224,232.

Player: Total amount fined

  1. O. Beckham - $55k
  2. J. Madubuike: $32.5k
  3. P. Ricard: $21.7k
  4. P. Queen: $21.5k
  5. K. Hamilton: $20.5k
  6. M. Pierce: $16.3k
  7. R. Stanley: $16.3k
  8. R. Smith: $16.3k
  9. R. Bateman: $16.3k
  10. B. Stephens: $7.2k

Now, it’s on the NFL to either respond or continue in their fine-happy ways of charging players inordinate amounts of money.