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Staff Reactions to the Ravens 20-10 win over the Los Angeles Chargers

The Beatdown gang share their thoughts on the Ravens-Chargers SNF game

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens take care of business on the road in prime time against the Los Angeles Chargers, 20-10. Below are the reactions from some of the Baltimore Beatdown crew.

The Ravens managed only a measly three points off four turnovers, though one was to end the first half. Nonetheless, the offense was paltry. The play-calling was questionable, the personnel decisions were head-scratching and the blocking was jaw-clenching. Maybe it’s the injuries stacking up. At times, left guard John Simpson was spelled by backup Ben Cleveland. Ronnie Stanley isn’t 100-percent. Morgan Moses has been fighting through pain. When the less-than-perfect protection goes up against Khalil Mack, bad things are bound to happen.

However, they limited the damage. They recovered Mack’s strip sack. Jackson aired it out well at times, and to different targets. The run game gashed. But they sure as hell couldn’t do it on third down or once they got in Chargers territory.

Give the defense enormous credit. This is an offense that can move the damn ball, and yet they forced four turnovers, including a game-changing strip sack by Jadeveon Clowney. Give Arthur Maulet huge credit for hitting Justin Herbert on the fourth down to get the ball back to Baltimore.

This had every single making of a classic Ravens collapse. My junior high basketball coach would also shout, “You pissed your pants in the big show.”

The Ravens pants are dry tonight. — Kyle Phoenix

The Ravens nearly sleepwalked their way into another baffling loss, but instead emerge in great shape heading into the bye week. Mike Macdonald’s unit put forth a tremendous defensive showing against a high-powered Chargers offense. That compensated for lackluster play from the Ravens offense for much of the game. All in all, the Ravens escaped with no major injuries and once again in possession of the AFC’s No. 1 seed. — Frank Platko

It should’ve been easy and it was far from pretty but the Ravens are heading into a much-needed bye week 9-3 and not only still atop their division but the AFC as a whole with this frustrating win. For a while, it looked as if the offense which had moved the ball with ease at times and for stretches was going to give the game away and squandered an amazing shutdown performance by the defense but it didn’t come to pass. Typically, when Justin Tucker misses a field goal, especially one from under 50 yards, it’s a bad omen but the Ravens didn’t let the ghost of failures past spell their demise in the end.

Their bye week couldn’t have come at a better time because the players need a well-deserved rest and the coaching staff has a lot of self-reflection to do during that time. Sunday night was a clinic on disastrous play calls and personnel decisions on offense and Head Coach John Harbaugh did a poor job when it came to challenging and not challenging plays. Nevertheless, learning lessons always goes down a lot smoother when it’s accompanied by sweet victory even if it’s bittersweet. — Joshua Reed

Although this was one of the more underwhelming wins of the season, one positive can be taken away - this defense can carry the team. On a night where multiple coaching and execution errors were present on offense, the Ravens defense played lights-out, holding the Chargers offense to 279 total yards and forcing four turnovers. It feels good to sit at the top of the conference going into the bye but the consistency of the offense will ultimately be the deciding factor come playoff time. — Stephen Bopst

It was a pathetic, embarrassing, lethargic win for the Ravens. Lamar Jackson was unsteady, the play calling was mystifying, and the coaching decisions were baffling. The offensive line was bad in all phases.

But it was a win. 9-3 is a great spot to be in heading into the bye after so much travel. The running backs all looked good, they feed Isaiah Likely early in the first game without Mark Andrews, and the wide receivers made plays. Jackson looked ok and most of his bad can be pointed to with a weird game script. The defense also balled out once again. Four turnovers, a handful of sacks and stops when needed. They continue to look like one of the best in the league. — Zach Canter