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Ravens call all-black uniforms ‘sexy’ and ‘physical, death-row type defense’

Well, this got a lot more traction than I originally anticipated.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

At the podium on Wednesday, I asked Head Coach John Harbaugh about the Ravens all-black uniforms for Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals. I try not to give too many off-topic/silly questions and waste time at the podium but it felt like a little bit of lighthearted fun would be nice to end on, especially after the barrage of (fair) questions about the loss on Sunday to the Cleveland Browns.

“I like the all-blacks, but I like them all,” Harbaugh said. “I just like the ones … To be honest with you, when I walk in the locker room, and I see the uniform combination [hanging] in the locker – whatever one it is – it just gets me psyched up. It’s like, ‘That’s what we’re going to battle with wearing tonight,’ and that’s the one I like the best – the one that we’re wearing. That’s just the truth.”

True to Harbaugh form, I’d say.

But the question then sparked a life of its own, with each player spoken to at the podium and in the locker room being asked about the combination. It makes sense, seeing as the Ravens have changed their social media logos and website banners to the all-black logos.

Lamar Jackson was the next person asked about the uniforms. He gave a brilliant answer.

“Sexy,” Jackson said. “That’s a sexy color. I like the color.”

Roquan Smith, who had given one helluva podium in terms of quotes, delivered one more.

“I think of just physical, death row-type defense,” Smith said. “That’s what I think of when I see black. It’s more of like, ‘OK, show me what you’re about, because, if not, I’m going to show you.’”

Off to the locker room, where players were all asked about the uni-combo.

Patrick Queen: “I love the all-black look. I think we should wear them more, honestly. That’s probably the best combo.”

Morgan Moses: “Oh, sick man. Any time you get to wear all-black—I told this to someone earlier. I said, ‘you can match the cleats up with pretty much anything,’ so it’ll be fun.”

Rashod Bateman: “[The all blacks are my favorite,] for sure. I like the all purple, too, but all black definitely rings the bell for me.”

I’m of the belief the all-black uni’s should be the Ravens’ exclusive prime time jersey, whenever possible. And if not, the all-white jerseys are an excellent consolation prize on the road.