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Kyle Hamilton on the loss vs. Browns: ‘I feel like guys kind of let off the gas a little bit’

Hamilton said he didn’t want to point fingers, but the team could’ve been more intense when they were up 14 points

Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens defense looked ready to mop the floor with yet another opponent at M&T Bank stadium just two plays into the contest as safety Kyle Hamilton intercepted Cleveland Browns quarterback for a defensive touchdown.

Then, after getting the ball back, the offense took five plays to score a touchdown—a 39-yard burst off the left side by undrafted rookie running back Keaton Mitchell to put the Ravens up 14-0.

All was headed toward a familiar blowout, as they had done to the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks. Instead, however, the Cleveland Browns, who were down by 14 points in the first and fourth quarters, came back and won 33-31 on a game-winning 40-yard field goal. They led for zero seconds of the game.

Second-year safety Kyle Hamilton was honest but tight-roping his criticism to the media after the defenses failed performance to stop the Browns.

“The past two home games been treated to 30 point wins with the Lions and Seahawks and came out today it was looking the same,” Hamilton said. “I feel like guys kind of let off the gas a little bit. Not pointing fingers at all. Just saying from top to bottom as an organization I feel like we could do a better jobs of just locking in. Not that guys weren’t locked in, but just be that much more intense, even though we have a lead.”

The defense had a final opportunity to deny the Browns from the comeback bid as they gained possession on the final drive with 4:55 remaining. The Browns were backed up to their 15-yard line after a penalty put them in a 1st & 15. But they would overcome the penalty and gain a first down on a 3rd & 1.

On the next play, outside linebacker Odafe Oweh did his best to end the game with a strip sack on Watson, but a diving Wyatt Teller salvaged the ball before defensive lineman Justin Madubuike could corral it.

“That’s another example of guys up front making a great play,” Hamilton said. “Get him down, sack-fumble; unfortunately, the ball didn’t bounce our way. I think [Madubuike] was right there trying to pick it up with a score.”

Hamilton wasn’t shifting blame to others. He also put it on himself.

“I think we were up 15 in the third and had the chance to put him away,” Hamilton said. “I’m also at fault for that, you know, I feel like I could have been a little more intense at the same time. But you know, it’s it’s easy to say that now looking back on it and... just got to fix it going forward.”

Like many others noticeably frustrated after the loss, Hamilton said the team is looking forward to Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals to get back on track.

“I think it might be a bit of hyperbole, but if we could play tomorrow, I feel like everybody would want to. I feel like we just want to get back out here and make it right. Losing at home always sucks.”