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POLL: Do you agree with the Ravens’ decision not to make any deadline trades?

The Ravens didn’t complete a trade before the deadline.

Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

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On Tuesday at 4 p.m. New York time, the 2023 NFL trade deadline passed. The Baltimore Ravens, a team considered “buyers,” did not land new talent.

For that reason, Baltimore Beatdown wants to poll Ravens fans asking if they agree with the teams’ decision to not make any deadline trades.

Agreeing with the Ravens

It’s likely not for a lack of trying that the Ravens leave the trade deadline with no new players. General Manager Eric DeCosta proudly has stated trades are one of the few ways he can best impact the on-field product. It’s likely he was dialing the sellers, but not wanting to give away a fortune.

Also, in both the offseason and throughout the first half of the season, DeCosta has assembled a winning product. From landing quarterback Lamar Jackson long term to the most recent signing of outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy, the additions have paid dividends. The Ravens have no overarching needs. The biggest areas they had need this offseason were addressed. Wide receiver has talent and so too does the outside linebacker unit. They would enjoy an influx of talent but they weren’t hurting in any area that coaching and improvements may deliver.

DeCosta also has to consider the future. Yes, pushing for this season where they look to be among the best in the NFL makes sense, but the Ravens will need to draft and hit on their draft picks as hefty contracts come into frame.

Disagreeing with the Ravens

Strike while the iron is hot.

No team this season appears unstoppable. No team looks unbeatable. In fact, all teams have looked flawed and it will come down in the postseason to who can repair the flaws and not flinch when battling this Winter. So, with the team appearing focused on the Lombardi Trophy, adding a premium talent, or even a solid depth player to prevent drop off, would’ve been most wise.