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Harbaugh is ‘optimistic’ on Tyus Bowser, gives positive updates on 2 other players

New updates on the Ravens injury front

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach provided a few updates on the injured player front, starting with outside linebacker Tyus Bowser, currently on the Non-Football Injury list.

“I had a chance to talk to Tyus just last week and Tyus was pretty optimistic,” Harbaugh said. “I can’t say it’s a guarantee because it’s kind of a—it’s a knee that’s a little angry at times, but who knows. Maybe we’ll get Tyus back. We’ll see how that goes and in the next few weeks.”

Harbaugh was then asked about cornerback Damarion “Pepe” Williams, who has missed the entire 2023 season after suffering a second injury in training camp. Harbaugh answered and offered a second bit of news on the injured reserve room.

“Pepe’s close,” Harbaugh said. “[Malik] Hamm’s close. And [we] have to make some decisions there. Those are all good things.”