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Do Ravens fans need more convincing than Sunday before they’re confident in the teams’ direction?

Are you a believer? Why/Why Not?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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On Sunday, the Ravens dominated the Detroit Lions and are being heralded as Super Bowl contenders. A 32-point crushing defeat over a top-5 opponent tends to do such things.

So, Baltimore Beatdown brings you, the fans, one simple question:

Are you confident the Ravens are headed in the right direction?

Why yes?

The Ravens are among the best in the NFL. They have a top-tier defense, ranked No. 1 by DVOA, in fact. Also, they’re a star-studded offense with a quarterback deserving of MVP-chatter. All of this lead by a quartet of solid coaches, from Head Coach John Harbaugh to a trio of coordinators all sure to gain some head coaching buzz in due time.

Why no?

Some have reservations on the Ravens. After all, both times they’ve had an emotional win this season, once against the Cincinnati Bengals and the other against the Cleveland Browns, they’ve laid a dud. The Indianapolis Colts with their backup quarterback beat the Ravens. The abysmal Steelers hung around and knocked the Ravens down a peg. So, maybe some aren’t yet confident in them, and are hoping for more.