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Staff Reactions to the Ravens 28-3 win over the Cleveland Browns

Beatdown gang reacts to the Ravens’ latest victory

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Ravens have once more seized control of the AFC North after a dominant win over a divisional opponent. They now boast a 3-1 record after defeating the Cleveland Browns, 28-3. Below are the reactions from the Baltimore Beatdown staff.

The Ravens didn’t let their ugly loss to the Colts carry over. They didn’t let the mentality steep into this game, either, after Lamar Jackson fumbled the ball away in an exchange with Justice Hill.

Instead, they rallied on offense on a 93-yard drive to put up their second touchdown of the day by running down the throat of the too-early-crowned Browns defense for 57 of those yards. The offense took care of business by putting points on the board. But they did so with a brilliant complement from their defense and one Jordan Stout, whose punts today ensured no freebies from the Browns.

An all-around butt-kicking that the Ravens will cherish, going 2-0 on the road in the division thus far with a chance to go 3-0 next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. — Kyle Barber

The Ravens came into Cleveland on a mission to bounce back from a disappointing upset loss at home and absolutely dominated the Browns on the road on both sides of the ball. Their offense moved the ball at will on several drives against a vaunted but honestly untested top-ranked Browns defense. Lamar Jackson was magnificent as a passer and clutch with his legs, throwing and running for a pair of scores. Second-year punter Jordan Stout was also a dangerous weapon on special teams with the way he surgically placed three punts inside the Browns’ 20 yard line.

Earlier in the week, veteran nose tackle Michael Pierce said that the Ravens defense wanted to “outplay” Cleveland’s and that’s exactly what they did from start to literally to the final snap. They made life hell for a rookie quarterback that was thrust into action, picking him off three times and sacking him three times with several pressures and crushing blows that nearly resulted in more. Honestly, with the way Baltimore dominated in the trenches defensively, Cleveland having veteran Deshaun Watson under center might not have much of a difference in the end result. There’s no question about who the class of the AFC North after this vindicating beatdown. — Josh Reed

A dominant win. After struggling early, the Ravens got the ground game going after giving Justice Hill some outside carries which opened up the middle of the field for Mark Andrews and Gus Edwards. With Jackson in control again, the offense has solved last years red zone problems with Todd Monken’s new offense.

With the quarterback switch for the Browns, there was a chance the Ravens defense could have been caught by surprise. Instead, they made the rookie look like a rookie all day. Three interceptions, constant pressure and athletes making plays.

Jordan Stout for All-Pro. That is all. — Zach Canter