Around the NFL, plus Ravens vs Bengals.

It's for the best. The Bengals vs Bills game will likely not happen. I am perfectly fine with it. It is sad I won't be able to go in person, but we play in the wild-card round. I wish the best for Damar Hamlin, and It's scary stuff that we are dealing with here. Maybe some fears are unfounded, but no one really wants to die at age 20something, right? Especially if they could avoid it. I feel terrible for everyone involved. I love many aspects of the game of football, but I hate the injuries associated with it. I think the NFL needs to do more about this, because this sport is more physically tolling than many others. I don't (like some) feel like the NFL should be discontinued, or just transition to Flag football, that is ridiculous, but I think there does need to be more rules, not just because of Hamlin, but more done to prevent injury. It is a rough sport, and every player recognizes this, but there is unnecessary risk, and that should be eliminated.

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