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NFL officially sets 2023 salary cap: What it means for the Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have sizable cap space, but a star quarterback without a contract

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the NFL has officially set the salary cap for the 2023 season at $224.8 million. This is nearly an eight percent increase from last season’s $208.2 million.

With the salary cap set, the Baltimore Ravens reside with $26.87 million in cap space (according to, eighth most in the NFL. However, that’s far from the full story seeing as their starting quarterback of the past four years, Lamar Jackson, is not under contract.

The Ravens are expected to see a slight increase in their 2023 cap space after they (and all 32 NFL teams) declared their unused 2022 cap space, according to ESPN’s Field Yates. This is expected to add $1,395,783 their 2023 cap space, giving them a grand total of $226,195,783.

This leaves the Ravens with $28.26 million in cap space*.

*The cap is everchanging.

Looking around the division, the Ravens are in decent shape. As of now, the Cleveland Browns are over the cap by $14.65 million. The Pittsburgh Steelers are tight against the cap with only $1.028 million in cap space. However, the Cincinnati Bengals have $43.7 million in cap space. But, that’s a bit of a hidden debacle seeing as they have only 41 players under contract currently, the third-fewest in the NFL.