Don’t Be A Jerk

The Don’t Be A Jerk PSA at M&T Bank Stadium is corny and cute but more than anything… it worked. Or, perhaps Raven fans are just nicer people in general.

I attended my third Ravens v Steelers game last night. Following my first two weirdly positive experiences being a Steelers fan in hostile territory, I have concluded it’s not a coincidence. I received the appropriate amount of good natured ridicule and trash talk but I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe. I know it’s no consolation, but Ravens fans should be proud of how they act and I only hope their experiences in Pittsburgh are as "friendly" as mine. In the end it’s just a game and fans aren’t playing. I know there are exceptions to my experience and I’m sure more than a few bad apples - but I appreciate the overwhelmingly "rational" adults who wear purple. I’m not going to ever cheer for or like your team… but you are ok to be around.

Thank you Ravens Fans for not being jerks!

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